World leading packaging solution provider potentially doubles turnover thanks to innovation and expertise from HMK

The company, one of the world’s leading providers of paper-based packaging solutions were facing a gap in their portfolio and unable to penetrate new customer segments due to a limited Rockwell offering.

With the demand for other platforms on the rise and the seemingly lucrative potential of an entire new customer base, the customer decided to upgrade their application utilising the latest technologies from Siemens.

Facing the challenge of having limited understanding and experience with the Siemens portfolio and the perceived cost in taking on a new control platform, the customer needed a partner who would provide more than just products…

Enter HMK… Our unique position to provide world leading products and expertise gained from over 300+ years combined experience helped the customer to deliver a successful solution on time, on specification and on budget.

HMK’s Automation architects were on hand from conception to delivery of the solution. from the sizing and specification of expertly chosen products; including S120 drives with Smart line infeed, 1FK7 servo motors and the new advanced controller from Siemens, the 1500T CPU. Through to a comprehensive package of training and support based on the company’s existing skills.

A combination of world leading products with comprehensive training and expert support provided the customer with a successful solution which may potentially double their turnover for machine sales. 

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