HMK demonstrates commitment to environment

HMK Automation have been doing our bit for the environment thanks to our eco-friendly operations.

In 2015, we installed solar panels at our company headquarters in Congleton in a bid to cut our carbon footprint and reduce our environmental impact.

To date, the Solar PV System has generated 251.69 MWh of energy and saved 64,333kg of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of planting 2,944 trees.

During August 2020 alone, we generated 5.39 MWh of energy and saved 1,363kg of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of planting 63 trees.

Nick Calow, Technical Director at HMK Automation, said: “Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, and as a business, we are committed to doing our bit to reduce our environmental impact.

“We have always promoted a ‘green’ culture across the organisation, implementing a number of eco-friendly measures. However, we are particularly proud of our Solar PV System, which not only provides us with a clean source of energy, but also gives us demonstrable results of the difference our efforts are making; saving enough CO2 emissions that would equate to planting an average of 45 trees every month.

“It has never been more important to promote sustainability and we know that consumers are becoming more conscious about the companies they work with, so we’d like to reassure all our customers, that while our corporate colours may be blue, we’re very much a ‘green’ company at heart.”

The 50kWp Solar PV System was installed at our offices by green energy solutions provider GenFit

Watch a time-lapse video of the installation here.


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