HMK teams up with leading Industrial IoT solutions provider IXON 

HMK Automation has been announced as the UK partner for remote 
service solutions provider IXON.

IXON is the creator of IXON Cloud – the world’s first and only no-code Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, specially designed for the advanced machine manufacturer.

The partnership comes amid an increase in demand for remote service solutions as manufacturers adapt ways of working to meet new Covid-safe practices.

The all-in-one cloud-based solution is a user-friendly, remote service solution for industrial machines and delivers seamless integration between cloud, edge connectivity and machine.

Nick Calow, Technical Director at HMK Automation, said: “Here at HMK, we pride ourselves on working with the leading and most innovative suppliers and manufacturers who are at the cutting-edge of technology and innovation, so we’re delighted to join forces with IXON, which is at the forefront of IIoT solutions.

“We have a reputation for delivering the most advanced and relevant automation technology to our customers, alongside the expertise from our own engineering team, and we think our OEMs and system integrators will be as excited as we are about this latest product to our portfolio.

“IXON Cloud is a web-based service platform designed to manage all your machines and is suitable for any machine builder. Whether you’re looking for a remote access solution (VPN), want to gain insight into machine data or set up your own IIoT platform, thanks to its extensive features, IXON offers a complete, proven and secure solution.

“In today’s Covid-world, we’re seeing an increase in demand for remote service solutions as manufacturers are having to adapt their ways of working, so this is an incredibly complementary partnership for HMK and comes at an ideal time for our customers.”

IXON’s Plug and Play IXrouter, together with the cloud-based IXON Cloud, allows users to remotely access their machines, including servicing, monitoring and troubleshooting as if you were on site, from anytime and anywhere.

The IXrouter’s Edge processing capability and onboard storage ensures efficient and reliable data logging and cloud dashboards can show valuable machine insights in minutes. Using industry standard communication such as OPC-UA and Modbus TCP, along with more specific protocols such as S7, Ethernet/IP and MELSEC, the IXrouter is able to log data from most modern controllers and is truly vendor independent.

Benefits of IXON Cloud include:

  • Easy to use interface and quick set-up times
  • Access your machines from anywhere delivering a faster and better service without travelling
  • Optimise machine production and decrease unplanned downtime with better insights and faster access
  • Insights into real-time machine data, dashboards and alarms
  • Collaborate and share access with colleagues and customers
  • Hardware and cloud seamlessly integrated
  • Scalable, future-proof and highly secure

IXON is the latest organisation to partner with HMK, joining some of the biggest names in technical innovation and automation including SiemensBeckhoff, Atlanta and Neugart.

Daniel Fern, UK Sales Manager at IXON added: ‘’IXON Cloud have enjoyed a period of rapid growth over the last 12 months throughout the UK, with hundreds of British machine manufacturers and system integrators now utilising the benefits that IIoT provides, especially during recent Covid times.’’

"The partnership with an established and respected solutions provider such as HMK will support IXON to follow that growth into 2021 and beyond, as the Industry 4.0 and IIoT market continues to evolve.’’

Find out more about the IXON product range here or get in touch. 


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