Improved ATLANTA rack range now available

Leading rack and pinion manufacturer ATLANTA has improved its rack range – adding Quality 8 rack to the High Precision 28 and 29 rack series.

It’s good news for HMK customers, meaning we can now supply the popular Quality 8 rack from a higher quality range at no extra cost.

German-owned ATLANTA manufactures the world’s largest range of quality racks and HMK has been their official distribution partner for more than 20 years, supplying their extensive range of products and components to our customers in the UK, alongside our engineering expertise.

ATLANTA’s latest production improvement means the Quality 8 rack of the 34 and 39 series has been discontinued, but the addition of the optimised alternative Quality 8 rack to the 28 and 29 series, means machine builders can now choose between Quality 6,7 and 8 racks within one series, which are 100% identical in geometries and appearance.

ATLANTA manufactures more than 600 types of racks, which are available in:

  • Quality 3 to quality 10
  • Helical or straight toothed
  • Milled, hardened, or hardened and ground
  • Sizes from module 1.5 to module 12

Find out more about our range of ATLANTA racks available here.

Whatever your application, our experienced engineering team can source the right components and help deliver the optimum engineering solution to achieve success. 

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