An upgrade to a soap powder-box packaging line installed at a multinational consumer goods end user plant

The customer wanted to standardise on Siemens hardware as the incumbent supplier's hardware, software and support was providing unreliable. The solution involved mechanical and electrical modifications to the existing line; taking careful consideration whilst the changes were being carried out, to another existing line

The existing motion controller was replaced with a Siemens SIMOTION D controller including new motion control software. The SIMOTION D controls the 5 axes that constitute the main over wrapping system: Main Drive, Over Wrapper, Film Feed, Lifting Table and Laner.

HMK provided:

  • On-site tuning
  • Program modifications
  • Customer specific training
  • Wrote custom software

The system now consists of an all Siemens solution from SIMOTION to PLC to HMI.

Debugging is now made easier as software is in English (Previous software was in Italian) and with a common platform.

Complex motion core software was made to be easily interacted with via datablock.


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