Exclusive offer – Motion Control Starter Pack

HMK has joined forces with Siemens to launch a Motion Control PLC Starter Pack with EasyStart tutorial, exclusively for our customers.

Siemens have developed a range of Motion Technology PLCs, and we’re bringing the entry level Motion CPU to market in a complete bundle with the drive, motor and software tools, supported by online training from the HMK engineers, to help debunk the myth that Siemens motion control is difficult and time consuming.

Gary Kitchin, Managing Director at HMK Automation, said: “When it comes to motion control, HMK are the experts, and we’re very excited to launch our new Starter Packs, which we’re confident will bring simple motion control to our existing and new customers alike.

“Working with Gary Wilcock and Gary Provis of Siemens, we have put together the Starter Pack which includes all the essential components for getting started with motion, including the PLC, drive, motor, necessary cables and software. We’ll also be including a half-days, online EasyStart tutorial from our experienced engineering team to get the motors turning in no time at all.

“Motion control doesn’t have to be complex – the innovators at Siemens have invested millions in usability to simplify the implementation of technology for widespread use in industrial automation and production machines, and with the right products, alongside the application expertise of the HMK team, we can deliver an easy-to-use, risk free solution for machine builders.”

The Starter Motion Pack includes:

  • S210 Servo Drive: 6SL3210-5HB10-4UF0

  • 1FK2 Servo Motor: 1FK2103-4AG00-1MA0

  • Motor Drive cable: 6FX5002-8QN04-1AD0

  • Profinet Connecting cables

  • S7-1500PLC: S71511T-1PN with PSU and rail

  • 12 months Software License

  • Half-day online tutorial from the HMK engineering team

The Starter Package is available now for the special price of £1,950, exclusively for HMK Customers. 

Get in touch to find out more. You can also watch our full instructional video on our YouTube channel. 


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